Cigio App

use your phone to

count cigarettes

It’s as easy as taking pictures and
uploading them to our AI powered server

Cigarette Counts Made Easy

Our app allows you to keep track of your cigarette inventory

without the tedious work of counting every box.

Let our AI powered app do the count for you.

Liberating convenience store clerks

As easy as taking a picture, clerks all around the world no longer have to hand count cigarettes.

Geofenced Subscriptions

Managers may buy a geofenced subscription to our app, anyone may do a cig count by location.

App Access

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with Cigio.

Super Fast Cigarette Counts

Our app will do a count in 10 minutes what typically takes a store clerk an hour.

A More Accurate Count

With the power of machine learning, keep track of your cigarette inventory more accurately.

Corporate Solutions

Location audits and inventory tracking are available. Contact us for more information.

Inventory Control at it’s Finest

Every store that sells cigarettes needs to keep track of it’s cigarette inventory. Our app ensures that clerks can do a quick cigarette count quickly without wasting any time. Turn a tedious task into easy and fast.

Cigio App

  • Accurate Cigarette Counts
  • Lightening Fast and Easy for Clerks
  • More Consistent Counting

Cigio Subscription

  • $52 per year unlocks your store for all employees
  • Get cigarette counts every day, fast and easy
  • Keep track of your cigarette inventory

“Cigio can save your company thousands of hours of work and can unlock your employee’s potential you never thought possible.”


CEO, Cigio

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