How to Use Cigio App

Cigio is a cigarette box counter designed with the end-user in mind. It’s as easy to use as:

1. Take pictures of one cigarette rack from an overhead view. Be sure to only have the cigarette rack you’re currently counting in the photo, to the best of your ability. Repeat for each cigarette rack or shelf with cigarette cartons. For loose cigarette boxes and cartons, place them on the counter and take a picture of them from the top looking down on them.

For best results:

  • Take a horizontal picture
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the view of boxes/cartons
  • For boxes, make sure that the camera has an overhead view
  • For cartons, take a picture of the short side
  • For cartons, make sure that they’re closed tight. The AI may count just 2 cigarettes for cartons with open sides instead of the full 10
  • Square the photo with the boxes/cartons
  • Only have one cigarette shelf you’re currently counting in view of the camera
  • Have as much of the shelf you’re taking a picture of in the photo, and as little of anything else as possible
  • Take a picture of one shelf at a time
  • Do not take a picture through a slit or at an angel
  • The AI may poorly read the image of the boxes at an angel

2. Upload your photos to our AI-powered servers.

3. Wait just a minute as our AI-powered servers count your cigarettes and return to you a count. You’re done!